Keep your Business Running

We know that for small business owners, managing IT can be stressful. You want pro-active IT management — a technician that knows your system and can advise you on new technology as it might benefit you, but also reliably and quickly fix problems if they arise.

A Helpdesk Contract

is like having your own IT department right there in your building. We’re at the end of the phone to quickly help with any problems or even queries that may arise.

Outsourcing the support and management of your IT system has major economic benefits compared to having your own IT department, but with the benefit of us knowing how your system works so that we can help you as needed.

JPLAW IT can offer

exceptional response times to urgent problems whilst also being able to offer short ‘blocks’ of time on site, rather than the more normal whole day charges operated by larger consultancies, which means you can manage what you need to spend if any large projects are needed in the future.

We do not operate on a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday system, you can call us any time on any day and we will answer any calls, so if you are working on a weekend and you have a problem or query, you can be rest assured that we are there to take your call and help you through whatever problem you may have.

We do not operate through any agencies which means that you will always deal with the same person. This also means that we can offer more competitive rates than larger company based consultants.

Cost effective hardware support

for all of your mission critical hardware and Midrange systems and day to day equipment, encompassing PCs, laptops, printers, peripherals, servers and your networking.

Small Business IT Support

IT Systems and networks are placed under a lot of pressure during working hours by their users and the hardest pressed equipment are desktop PC’s, printers and servers. Users depend on this essential equipment to function reliably so they can do their jobs as normal.

Any disruption to a single user

can have a knock on effect, which can cause more serious problems if left unattended. Shoring up all of these peripheral devices is the network infrastructure which is also prone to damage.

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